The Old ‘N’ Glam journey started in 2012 with the two old buddies Xavier (Vocals) and Steve (bass). Time passed and lineup changed, to finally find a good balance with Romain (aka HellRick, Guitar/backing vocals), JM (drums) and Alex (aka Dr H, Guitar/backing vocals).

We know what you think: “Playing glam rock in 2019 is like putting out an album on audio tape and listen to it drinking some Tang and eating Raiders, a total anachronism!” Even if audio tapes are becoming trendy again for non-mainstream bands, you need to know that Old ‘N’ Glam is the class and the taste of the vintage with a 21st century modern polish layer on the top… and a way much better sound than an audio tape!

The band especially shines during live performance thanks to its wildness, its energy and its good spirit. It is therefore 100% natural that they go back on the road, to scream their passion for women, sex and extravaganza, to present their second album “Ten Shades of Glam”.

Released on 21st of June 2019, “Ten Shades of Glam” is composed by 10 songs of pure rock n’ roll which will make you shake your head and we bet you will play and replay it. The album was recorded in Nancy, France (FoamArm Studios) and London, UK (H Lordship Road Studios) and mixed and mastered by the excellent Achim Koehler at Indiscreet Audio, Germany (Accept, Primal Fear, Amon Amarth, Pink Cream 69, Edguy, …).

Bring out your leopard leggings, your bras and thongs, Old 'N' Glam is here to make you scream with pleasure!

The band shared the stage with:

Bai Bang (Suède), Hollywood Burnout (Allemagne), Pleasure Addiction (France), Sister Sin (Suède), Natchez (France), CoverQueen (France), Manu Lanvin (France), Manu Livertout (France), BlackRain (France), Silvertrain (France), Furious Zoo (France), Now or Never (France)

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